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‘Every obstacle you face will reveal a hidden part of yourself and will wake what was dormant or secret in you.

Every challenge you meet will expand your inner world and reveal dimensions of spirit.

Your playfulness, your courage to feel and your curiosity to explore are your main allies’ Cassou

Practice LIVE online + in-person with Cathy


Amazing value for money!


  • Enjoy live streamed classes every week from the comfort of your own home
  • Practice in-person at The Om Shedhi Shala
  • Access on-demand replays from our extensive video library
  • Explore innovative somatic workshops every month
  • Meet your community of yoga warriors at Sacred Space

Yoga and Inclusive Movement Therapy


imtyoga modules include therapeutic practices, specialised training and wellness days to support individuals and groups living with chronic symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Covid19 has definitely impacted our neurological responses to perceived threat that negatively impact our physiological and psychological health and wellbeing.

Somatic practices such as yoga and Mindfulness, embodied movement and meditation offer up regulation tools to re-engage neural pathways.

Good news for our health and happiness!

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Welcome to CU Yoga


Cathy Underwood is an award winning yogi, entrepreneur and mum of two who has over 30 years teaching experience. Alongside her community online and in-person classes, Cathy specialises in yoga as a therapy for clinical populations, including complex mental health conditions, addiction disorders, Parkinson’s disease and special educational needs.

Cathy’s methodology blends embodied practices with evidence based neuroscience to regulate neurological imbalances that can impact a person’s health and well-being.

Contact Cathy for further enquiries or check out her timetable to enjoy her weekly classes.

CU in class soon!

  • Founder of  IMTyoga™ & Yoga4mums
  • Barclays Innovative Business of the Year Award
  • WNF Business Growth Award
  • Active & Inclusive Sports Coach of the Year Award
  • Senior Teacher YAP UK + Minded Student Yoga Therapist

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