A collection of vlogs, research and resources supporting the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of women throughout the the various stages of their lives.


Cathy Underwood interviews medicinal herbalist and nutritional therapist Ellie Holly owner of Holly Healthcare Discover herbs and plants that alleviate symptoms and restore Oestrogen. Learn how nutritional tweaks can support energy, skin, bone health and brain fog. Start making small holistic changes to help during this life changing transition and make it a time of self reflection, spiritual awakening, enhancing self care and body confidence.

Ellie can be found at Hollyhealthcare.com


Cathy Underwood Yoga is delighted to welcome one of the shining lights in the yoga world, friend, yoga teacher and osteopath Yinka Fabusuyi to share her knowledge of the peri menopause, menopause and post menopause with you. Learn how the BIG M impacts a woman’s life, common symptoms and the way we can change the narrative that is commonly associated with it. Yinka also shares a specially designed yoga practice which you can enjoy to best support your own self care and body confidence.

Yinka can be found on all social media platforms @osteoyinka.


Yoga therapist Cathy Underwood interviews her fitness guru Suzy Gazey, Menopause Fitness Coach, to talk about the benefits of strength training and how important tweaking a fitness programme is during this time in a women’s life. Learn how to stay fit, strong and energised!

Find Suzy on all social media platforms @suzygazey_menopausefitness