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Welcome to our online yoga studio

Join our community of yoga warriors and enjoy the following:

  • Online live-streamed classes in the comfort of your own home
  • In-person group classes (subject to availability)
  • Access to an on-demand library of practice video


Benefits of a regular yoga and Mindfulness practice


  • Yoga postures, asanas, help mobilise joint areas, improving flexibility, strength and mind body resilience
  • Breath practices, pranayama, help to regulate the autonomic nervous system, improving neurological functioning and assisting homeostasis
  • Mindfulness and deep relaxation enhance our ability to remain present with whatever arises helping us to make positive life choices

How to book?

To get started click on an icon below and simply choose from our selection of single classes, subscriptions or class bundles.

  • Live online classes streamed via Zoom
  • In-person classes available in North London
  • Class information will be automatically forwarded on process of payment

Can’t see the single classes?

CLICK HERE or it could be cyber space up to it’s tricks, so please try refreshing your browser.


Practice every week 7-8pm with Cathy

  • Monday Dynamic Vinyasa Flow, ideal for most levels
  • Wednesday Warriors + Core Focus, ideal for those with some experience