Yoga4mums was created by Cathy Underwood in 2010 to support the health and wellbeing of mums throughout the various stages of their lives. Pre smart phones, live stream and zoom, Cathy devised, produced and filmed two DVD’s – The Pregnancy Program and Six Steps to Health and Wellbeing – both were voted as two of the top 10 international online videos by Healthline. 

The Pregnancy Programme features Joanne Farrell, vocal artist and actress, alongside Cathy Underwood and together they guide new mums through gentle yoga and movement sequences designed to support mum’s health and well-being during the pregnancy trimesters.

Six Steps to Great Health and Wellbeing is the follow on video/DVD to support her throughout the various stages of her life – as a new mum, busy mum and empty nester.

Both videos/DVD’s blend the principles of yoga, Mindfulness, Pilates and healing sequences to ensure mum feels held and loved during this very special time of her life.

White background and Lady in a yoga pose with the title Yoga 4 Mums 6 Steps to Great Health & Wellbeing.

Yoga4mums the second + third trimesters

Front cover of DVD Yoga 4 Mums