How to boost your ENERGY!

Do you want to learn how to boost your energy?

We are energetic beings and we communicate a certain frequency that either enhances how we feel about ourselves and our World or… the opposite. Every interaction has either a positive or negative energetic reaction too and we must be mindful that our thoughts, words and actions ripple out and impact society positively. In other words, the way we think and act risk compromising our health and wellbeing.

This isn’t a call for us all to be super energetic and happy btw. That would be impossible. For a start, we’d all have jaw ache! We are born to explore the very nature of existence, the light and the shade of the human consciousness but without understanding the power of our energy we can unwittingly dull our joie de vivre.

Self esteem and self worth isn’t something that just happens. It takes practice. ‘Do unto others..’ is exactly the right sentiment here because without respecting our fellow man, how on earth can we be truly loyal to ourselves? Karmic law is on the money here too – what goes around, comes around. It pays to spread kindness!

Where do we start?

Happiness takes a bit of planning and practice (take a look at my vlog ‘How to achieve great health and wellbeing’) Daily acceptance is key – Be honest with yourself….how are you receiving, giving and maintaining your energy? Are there people or situations that leave you feeling drained? Do you tell yourself off a lot, using injurious words or thoughts? Could you choose kinder words when dealing with those that challenge you? We may not be able to change other peoples opinions or behaviours but we can change ours.

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Practice kindness – Choose to heal your wounded self and start feeding yourself with kind words and actions. If your energy is stuck, find the help to release from it’s grip. Are you find your energy is low, watch your diet and exercise. If your energy escalates, cultivate a mindful approach to living and soothe with regular meditation. Choose your words and notice how this impacts those around you. Refuse to slip into old comfort patterns and instead become that role model for others, encouraging them to find success.

Honestly, if any of the above resonates…it’s a good start. Your energy is shifting!

Try these three simple techniques that can help boost your energy and get you on the right track:

  1. Kidney meridian taps – Find a comfortable position sitting or standing. Pinch the fingers and thumbs together and place them on knobbly protrusions of the clavicle (collar bone). Slowly slide the fingers under the collar bone, on a slight diagonal, finding a little indentation. Gently massage and if you feel a pressure point you have probably found the K27, 27th acupressure point of the Kidney meridian. Lightly tap or massage the points for three deep breaths.
  2. Thymus taps – with your right hand, pinch the fingers and thumbs together and gently tap the thymus point located in the middle of the chest.
  3. Clearing the head – massage the top, midpoint of the eyebrow and then hold the brow and base of the skull with your hands. Enjoy the warmth of the hands, close your eyes and take 5 deep steady breaths.

Please take a peep at the vlog ‘How to boost your energy’ for more information and tips. Remember, these are my own thoughts and offerings which I hope enhance your energy. You are the true master of your destiny. Go live your best life!

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